DALI ART 國際藝術村 第四期藝術家 — 詹筱帆


4th DALI ART residency artist- Chan Hsiao Fan

I like comics, also like painting, I thought I would become a cartoonist, But become an illustrator, As for the artist, Still on the way. I coundn’t remember which day I did not take my own brush, Painting occupies a large part of my life, Instead of saying that I like painting, I would say that I need to paint . It’s all thanks to my mom She always reminds me: “To survive with your favorite things, you can do long and well,” I think I had become the kind of person she said. Creation makes me feel unrestrained I feel omnipotent And very powerful I can do my favorite things To earn enough money to live Maybe provide other people To see the world from different ways, Already feel Satisfied.

重要展歷、經歷 |



.養樂多年歷 / 插畫
.統一泡麵『One more cup premium』-包裝插畫繪製
.艾莉『沒有人應該堅強一輩子』 -書籍封面+內頁插畫
.ATT 4 fun 4F甜蜜王國-愛麗絲動畫繪製

.養樂多年歷 / 插畫
.精品Hearts on fire情人節特刊 / 插畫
.黑人牙膏+唐綺陽廣告 / 塔羅牌繪製
.2017金鐘獎 / 道具製作

.benetton班尼頓服飾vip day插畫家

Cite Publishing Ltd, “Family medicine encyclopedia of cat”- Cover design + illustrations

Illustration website ‘ilutimes’ serial comics – “Little Things in Hong Kong”
FISH LEONG “TU T’APPELLES L’AMOUR” Opening animation illustration
Sodagreen “Endless Story”, Animation production

Yakult calendar / illustration
TUNG I Instant Noodles, “One more cup premium”, Package illustration
Alley ” No one should be strong forever” Cover design + In-page illustration
ATT 4 fun 4F Sweet Kingdom – Alice Animation

Yakult calendar / illustration
Hearts on fire Valentine’s Day Special Issue / Illustration
DARLIE+ Tang Yiyang Advertising / Tarot Drawing
2017 Golden Bell Award / Prop Production

Shih Chien University Invited lecturer
Asia University Invited lecturer
benetton vip day Illustrator



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