DALI ART 國際藝術村 第三期藝術家 —Jean-charles kien 

在建築設計的碩士學位畢業後,藝術與設計之間的相截性一直是Jean多年創作藝術以來心中的疑問。物件的進化狀態、藝術創作者之於作品間的位置,甚至是產品與藝術作品之間的區別與界線等等皆 是在他的作品中能看見的議題。
他的藝術訴求在極度常態化的概念中進化發展。為了在一切預先安排好的系統之中找出平衡與和諧點,他的所有作品皆使用了一套極為精準嚴格的作業方法,比如在雕塑作品可看見的明確規則、比 例平衡甚至色彩和諧度等等。此外除了這三樣基本原則外,在每件獨特的作品中更可看到更多不 同的嚴謹規則。他的美學起源於對於極簡主義以及幾何學的教義遵奉、畫作中黑、白、以及灰的陰 影、裝置雕塑中精算過的縝密及準確度。

重要展歷、經歷 |


Konkrete Autobahn (Paris, France)


Shanghaï Art Biennale « Grain God Narrative » (Shanghaï, China)
« it is exactly as if it had never happened » (Beijing, China)


Design March Hönnunarmiðstöð (Reykjavik, Iceland)


Lithography, Tintoretto studio (Venice, Italy)


Upper Rhine’s biennale for architects design (Strasbourg, France)


It was my first in Taiwan, i m really grateful to had the chance to spend time and to discover this amazing country.
The culture is great and it was deeply stimulating for my personal production.The Dali Art residency was a great opportunity to meet people. The artists inside who is part of this program are obliged to share the work space and the materials,even is everybody has is own desk, every body need to collaborate as a roommate.
It's a good thing, we learn from everyone, especially for me. To be a foreigner in anew country, its never easy, so it was great to have good interaction with people. An another aspect of this « flat sharing » it is that sometimes is hard to find a quiet space to work. every artist has his own way to work which is connected to his practice, and for me I need a space without noise or people to be totally efficient and
focused on my works. It's the same thing with the visitors, it's really beautiful to share our work with curious people, but at the same time the residency has to find the balance with it, even if the
interns and the residency team try to do their best to be not so invasive during a visit, it's not really pleasant to be disturbed in a middle of a work process.
The team who manages the residency is really dynamic and very kind. They always try to do their best to help. I m my case it was hard to communicate with the team or the interns, in fact for foreigner artists or western people the gap between the two cultures or the daily life is sometime really huge. When you don’t speak Mandarin, doing a simple thing takes big proportions, so if someone in the residency team or
one of the interns speak in English, everything is easier for everybody. The agreement with the company who is the sponsor of the residency is a great deal. For an artist it is unique chance to see his work evolving in a different domain and to become real.
The accommodation in the kangaroo hotel is nice, a little bit far away from the city center, but for me it was probably more interesting to discover a normal and a daily side of Taiwan. To have more autonomy and more freedom a scooter is required. In conclusion, it was an important experience in my life, I discover so many things and I hope to have the opportunity to come back soon as possible in Taiwan to continue to develop my art.