DALI ART 國際藝術村 第二期藝術家 — Michael Vincent Manalo

Michael Vincent Manalo



獲獎紀錄 |








駐村心得 |

I think the residency had a great concept, I don’t think it’s a bad artist residency, however, as from having experience in other art residencies in Europe and in other parts of Taiwan and Korea, I think it would be better if there was time to think about the artist’s project proposal for the art residency. From the other residencies I’ve been to, there was at least 2 weeks to a maximum of 3 weeks to think about the project proposal for the site, especially if it was mentioned that the proposal should be thought of while at the art residency.

I liked the part where I can exchange ideas with the artist’s sitting nearby but I think creating works with other artist’s around gives a different feeling to creating – that is when people see me create, makes me a little conscious on what I’m doing so, with this I really couldn’t think straight, but that’s just me, I’m not sure if other artists think the same way. The 12,000ntd is also a very generous thing to give, I believe. As well as the stay at Kangaroo No. 7 is very comfortable and quiet and very convenient.

Although having said this, I am happy to be part of this residency as I was able to create 3 artworks which I am happy and feel good about and proud to add to my portfolio for this year. These works reflect the research and the occasional chit-chat I did with people in the residency and other people I met and spent some time with in 霧峰.