DALI ART 國際藝術村 第五期藝術家 — 保羅先生


5th DALI ART residency artist- Mr.Paul

Probably from 2014, I was still working as an office worker. I decided to start graffiti self-study drawing. From the beginning of the still-life portrait of Linyi, I joined some of my own whimsy in the later period and began to share the work publicly on Instagram.Most of my creative inspiration comes from life. When I chat with friends, go shopping, work and so on. I often get inspiration because of the various stimuli in my life. Although most of them are not nutritious, they are not educational, but I will still draw them all to share with you.I like to observe the comments and interactions of each piece of work, and it is a very fulfilling thing to get resonance. There are no great painting techniques, but I am happy to share my observations and what I have seen and heard about society.

重要展歷、經歷 |


2017 “Fu Jen University Department of Advertising and Communication Bizhan – Alumni Works Exhibition”,Songshan Cultural and Creative Park ,Taipei,Taiwan


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