DALI ART 國際藝術村 第五期藝術家 — 米蘭歐森M

米蘭歐森 1990年出生 28歲

5th DALI ART residency artist- Milano Olsen

Milano Olsen born in 1990, 28 years old
The makeup artist who dressed for the lady of special service trade in the red light district of Linsen North Road, Taipei, Taiwan, I still want to find a pure dream under the neon lights of this mixed background space, so I decided to pick up the brush and try and learn various creations.
There are no specific media in the creation, from the marker pen, pastel to computer graphics, digital synthesis, and even in the form of photography and comics. I explore infinite possibilities about myself, because I am born with the sake of red-green color blindness. In the later stage, the creation of digital media is more and more, and the digital form creation can more accurately present the color of ideas in the brain.
Inspiration is often taken from books, lyrics, love and various life details. Creation has many different aspects, such as childishness, joy, romance, humor, erotic, melancholy, anger, jealousy, etc., all of which will have different expression styles.
And I chose to be the one who is humorous, erotic, and bold, to present myself in the age of the Internet, so there is a part of Milano Olsen:https://www.instagram.com/milanoolsen

重要展歷、經歷 |

2018鬧空間 是誰讓你難過了|米蘭歐森創作個展

2018, Who made you sad? Milano Olsen’s solo exhibition, NOW space


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