DALI ART 國際藝術村 第五期藝術家 —   賴士超Lai Shi Chao


Shi Chao Lai is an artist integrating a wide range of artistic and cultural forms, following personal interests rather than specialising in a single research area. The materials of his sonic works are primarily environmental recordings, guitar and synthesizer. He addresses social-politics, and internalized spirituality; also visualizing lives in the universe and ideas around “built – destroyed”, and “none to form as form to none”. He also works as a technician, and an operation manager for an art space, and occasionally as a graffiti artist. He believes in working for a better arts environment, and dedicates himself to organising and producing experimental works.

重要展歷、經歷 |

曾任台北當代藝術館展覽組專員、435藝術家工作室總監,除自身創作之外,亦戮力於展演策劃執行;現為專業展覽技術執行人員、自由人藝術公寓成員、天語公社發起人、玩劇島小劇場Little Play總監。

Formerly the director of the exhibition group of the Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art and the director of the 435 artist studio, in addition to his own creation, he also worked hard on the execution of the exhibition; he is a professional exhibition technology executive, a member of the Freedommen Apartment, and the promoter of the Tianyu Commune. Little Play Director



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